Linear Regression

Linear regression is the analysis of the relationship between price and time. This is a useful measure for technical and quantitative analysis in financial markets. Plotting price along a distribution bell curve can allow traders to see when a security is overbought or oversold.
Our Linear Regression study will allow you visualize this distribution overtime with the ability to see historical data points and giving you a unique edge.

Volume Comparison

With the Volume Comparison you can gauge the strength or weakness of a trend to monitor for the likelihood of continuation. It is meant to be used with Market Statistics that calculate volume for an entire exchange, such as the Net Volume for the NYSE or Net Volume for NASDAQ.

Volume Ticker Comparison

Similar to the “Volume Comparison” Study, the Volume Ticker Comparison allows you to compare market volume of individual securities such as the e-mini futures. This will allow you to gauge volume over different time periods to determine the strength or weakness in market participation.