Market Breadth Bubbles

Market Breadth Ratio Bubbles for Sierra Chart. No need to have Think Or Swim open just to see the Market Breadth ever again. See the NYSE and Nasdaq Breadth Ratios at a glance. Understand the broad market buying or selling pressure with these breadth bubbles.
The bubbles will turn green/red depending on positive/negative ration as you would expect but we’ve also improved the traditional breadth bubbles by having trend detection coloring, which provides you with a much more dynamic view of a potential shift in the market.

TICK Distribution

Get a clear view of where the TICK is closing over time by seeing the distribution of the closing candles. Easily spot trends that are difficult to see by only looking at the TICK. This makes tracking TICK direction easier.
You can also see the TICK distribution data in a bubble that can be drawn onto another chart.

Cumulative TICK

The Cumulative TICK will keep a running summation of all the closing values from the start of each day. This allows you to detect divergences or confirm trends. This can be used with any tick (NYSE, NASDAQ, etc…)
Additionally, we’ve created a Cumulative TICK bubble that can give you at-a-glance information on any other chart.

Internal Statistics Bubble

This is a generic bubble that can receive any data (Delta, NVOL, Advanced Decline Ratio, etc…) and it can run an algorithm to give you three different pieces of information (trend, previously above/below zero-line,  last value). This bubble can reduce the number of charts you have up on your screen and allow you to have the information synthesized into a simple bubble for you to glance at and consume.

Advance Decline Ratio Bubble

The Advance Decline Ratio or ADR is a market statistic provided by Sierra Chart. This ratio is similar to the Advance Decline Line except it is in a ratio form.
This bubble allows you to extract the data from an ADR chart and plot it onto any other chart, similar to the Internal Statistics Bubble.

1K TICK Bubble

This bubble will show you a running total of the number of +/- 1000 TICK readings from the beginning of the day. This bubble can be added to any chart in your Sierra Chart Chartbook.