Divergence Detector

The Divergence Detector can detect divergences between price and any other study such as RSI, MACD and Delta. You can plug any external indicator for it to detect divergences.
Its algorithm allows it to filter out false signals and only showing you the best setups. When an alert fires, the study can also make an audible alert sound to alert you.

Exhaustion Detector

The Exhaustion Detector can alert you of high-probability exhaustion in a direction. It’s useful to exit trades at possible highs or possible lows that could end a move. It can also be used to enter a new trade to with the expectation that price will rotate in the opposite direction.

Jobo Pinch

The famous Jobo Pinch. This is one of our most popular studies. It’ll alert you visually and through audio as to when is the best time for you to buy a market dip. If paired with multiple time-frames this study will give you consistent results.

Price TICK Divergence

Similar to the Divergence Detector but directed towards finding divergences between the $TICK and price. This study can be used with any $TICK (NYSE, NASDAQ and others). It will alert you of different probability setups (weak, medium, strong).